Which is better for a lounge, curtains or blinds?

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As the weather is getting warmer and brighter, you may be thinking about renovating your home before the start of summer. The lounge is often overlooked in home makeovers, it can seem daunting to change the look of an area we spend most of our time relaxing and socialising in. The first place to start is your shading solutions, you can even base the style and decor of your room around a pattern from your curtain or blind.

Whether you’re looking for a bold or subtle shading addition to your lounge, we have a variety of different styles that match yours perfectly. But the question is which is better for lounge environments, curtains or blinds?

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The Differences Between Luxury Curtains and Blinds

Luxury Curtains 

Luxury curtains are recommended for customers who are looking for a grand and classic shading solution for their home. As suggested in the name, Silent Gliss luxury curtains are beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials. Our team can bespoke make your luxury curtains from over 500 fabrics and 10 different style headings, that can transform or match your room’s atmosphere. All luxury curtains are hand finished by our experts to ensure their quality, and with fully lined weighted corners, they won't ever look misshapen in your living area. 

Roman and Roller Blinds

Blinds are a staple for most homeowners due to their clean, simple appearance and superior durability. Roman and roller blinds are most commonly found in lounges, they are suitable for any small to medium sized window. Broadview’s Roman blinds have a more timeless and elegant look, rather than roller blinds that are more focused on colour than texture. Both blind options can be manually or electronically operated if you want the option of opening or closing your blind from across your lounge. 

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