What are child safe blinds?

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In April 2014, a new European standard was introduced for household blinds to protect the health of young children that could be harmed from loose cords and chains. The Make It Safe campaign from the BBSA focuses on window blind safety for both residential and public buildings, which has led to the change in the UK’s blind manufacturing process. The new standard meant that blinds must be ‘safe in design’ with children’s welfare in mind. Blinds are now supplied with child safety devices, such as the blind cords breaking under pressure and safety hooks to store cords out of reach for children. Child safe blinds also have shorter chain lengths that follow the General Product Safety Regulations 2005, that reduce the risk of any incidents for young children.

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Types of child-friendly blinds 

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a popular choice for homeowners as they are stylish and sophisticated. They are a timeless classic and available in a variety of different materials and colours to flawlessly suit any home. Roman blinds come in both manual and electronic operation options, so whether you prefer remote controllability or to physically open and close your roman blinds are experts can ensure your child’s safety. Broadview's extensive blind collection is child safe in accordance with the legislation and the BBSA  Make It Safe campaign, we ensure that all our blinds are installed with safety hooks and cleats to keep blind chains and cords out of children's reach 24/7. 

Cordless and chain-free blinds

To absolutely guarantee that no children can be harmed from a blind is for it to not have any cords or chains. At Broadview, we stock a variety of different blinds that can have manual or electronic controls, blind styles that can have remote controllability include roman, intu,  pleated, venetian, blackout, roller, and Velux. If you want to ensure your home is safe for children then electrically operated blinds are the right choice for you. 

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