Patterned Blinds


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    Installing made-to-measure patterned blinds for over 50 years

    Patterned Blind Styles

    • Kitchens
    • Bedrooms
    • Living Rooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Conservatories

    As well as fun and colourful designs for children’s rooms!

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    Not sure if a patterned blind will match your room’s colour scheme? Not to worry – whether you’re after cream, red, blue, or pink, our patterned blinds come in every colour of the rainbow!

    All of our patterned styles are available to view in our showroom. If you’re not sure on the best style for your property, the Broadview team are more than happy to share their expertise.

    Why choose patterned blinds for your property?

    • Switch up the style of your room without a full refurbishment
    • Liven up an dull or undecorated room
    • Add a pop of colour and interest
    • Pull out or tuck away the pattern to match your current decoration

    Patterned blinds: your questions answered

    We’re often asked the following questions from people wondering about patterned blinds.

    What are patterned blinds?

    Simply put, patterned blinds are regular fabric blinds with a pattern on them!

    They usually come in the form of roller blinds, but plenty of other types are available.

    Do patterned blinds reduce noise?

    Any blind will reduce noise, as it acts as an additional barrier between your room and the outside world. Patterned blinds with some insulation will likely be more effective at reducing noise, however.

    Are patterned blinds blackout?

    How effective a particular patterned blind is at blocking out light depends on its colour and style. Darker colours will likely let through less light than lighter colours.

    Blinds that have been professionally fitted to a high standard should have minimal gaps for light to filter through.

    Do patterned blinds keep a room cool?

    Light coloured patterned blinds are excellent at keeping heat out. Reflecting the heat away from the window, they keep a room dark and cool on hot days.

    Dark patterned blinds will also help with cooling a room, although they may not be as effective as light ones.

    How much do patterned blinds cost?

    The cost of patterned blinds is fully dependent on the specification you require and the number of rooms you wish to install them in; however, they are usually more affordable than solid wood blinds or shutters.

    To find out about our options and costs, give us a call on 01202 679012 or fill out our online form.

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