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    Full Height Shutter Styles

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    Why choose full height shutters for your property?

    Full height shutters have been popular for hundreds of years, for good reason!

    Not only do they offer exceptional privacy and coverage, they have an elegant, understated style that’s hard to match. Other benefits include:

    • Noise proofing
    • Light blocking
    • room cooling
    • Improved security

    Thanks to their versatile shape, full height shutters are suitable for any type of window, including bow and bay windows.

    Full Height Shutters: Your Questions Answered

    We’re often asked the following questions from people wondering about full height shutters.

    What are full height shutters?

    Full height shutters are what most people think of when they envision ‘shutters’.

    They cover the entire window from top to bottom, with the panel opening as one unit from top to bottom. They’re also usable on doors.

    Do full height shutters reduce noise?

    Because of their high coverage, full height shutters are great at blocking out the din of cars, voices, and animals.

    Are full height shutters blackout?

    Full height shutters are made of opaque materials and cover the window completely. This makes them excellent at blocking out light, even during sunset and sunrise.

    Do full height shutters keep a room cool?

    Because they’re made of solid, opaque materials like wood and plastic, full height shutters offer an additional layer of insulation in your windows. When closed, hot air is trapped between the window and the louvres, cooling the room down.

    How much do full height shutters cost?

    Plastic shutters are usually less expensive than wooden shutters, although the exact cost of full height shutters depends on the specification you require and the number of rooms you wish to install them in.

    To find out about our options and costs, give us a call on 01202 679012 or fill out our online form.

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