Tracked Shutters


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    The installation experts of made to measure tracked shutters

    Why choose tracked shutters for your property?

    • Their ability to fold back on themselves so that they can be tucked out of the way, allowing you to make optimise the view and light from your window or opening.
    • Having complete control over both the light that enters your home and the level of personal privacy.

    Tracked Shutters: Your Questions Answered

    See below to answers to our most asked questions around tracked shutters.
    Do tracked shutters fade?

    Shutters can fade over time, with sun exposure turning white paint a yellowish colour. This is less likely to happen with other colour finishes, however. We supply fade-resistant tracked shutters, which contain a UV protectant and sealant, preventing them from fading in hot, sunny conditions.

    Do tracked shutters block out light?

    Tracked shutters do a great job of blocking light from a room, plus with the folding mechanism, you’re able to control the amount of sunlight that enters.

    Do tracked shutters get dirty?

    Tracked shutters do get dirty but are very easy to clean and maintain. A damp cloth used with an equal mix of water and white wine vinegar is a great way to remove stubborn and persistent dirt.

    How much do tracked shutters cost?

    The cost of tracked shutters is heavily dependent on the requirements of your property, not to mention the fluctuations in price due to the array of styles and materials available. Why not visit our showroom in Poole to view the styles and materials we have on offer. Alternatively, you can arrange an onsite consultation with one of our experts who will be able to assess your windows and talk you through the best options available along with the associated prices. Feel free to give the team a call on 01202 679012 today.

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