Window blinds and shutters to match your view

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At Broadview, our shading specialists can tailor shutters or blinds to the view outside your window, with options to suit every kind of room.

You’ve probably considered the décor of your room when it comes to picking your blinds or shutters, but have you thought of what's going on outside of the window? Read on to see our picks for blinds and shutters based on the view outside.

Windows by a main road

If your window faces a main road, you'll likely notice more noise pollution. As a result, taking sound insulating measures might be something you consider for your home. Double glazing is one option, but another is to invest in plantation shutters. They will prevent your room from overheating in hot weather and can help block out the noise of passing cars.

Windows facing east

Some people really enjoy waking up to natural light, whilst others prefer a little longer in bed and don’t want to be woken up by the sun. Whatever your preference, our specialists have the perfect option: luxury curtains in a thinner material can let light into your bedroom early in the morning, whilst blackout blinds will keep out the light.

Windows by water

If you live by water, plantation shutters are an extremely popular and traditional choice. Plantation shutters look great in any kind of room, but they’re typically used in warm climates; they give your home a more tropical vibe, and can shade you from reflections cast into your room by the water.

Windows by trees

If you have trees in your garden, the chances are that the view from upstairs will be one obscured slightly by branches. Shading and privacy may not be your primary concerns, and if you have a pretty view of the trees in your garden, you may want to match the style of your blinds with something natural-looking like wood.

Unsure which blinds or shutters are right for your home? Our experts are here to help! contact our team today on 01202 679 012 to discuss your requirements and we can conduct a site visit to get a better idea of your requirements.

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