What are pleated blinds?

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Pleated blinds have been a staple for many homeowners’ conservatories throughout the decades, their popularity is due to their simplicity and versatility If you’re looking for a shading solution that differs from conventional, then pleated blinds could be perfect for you. The installation of pleated blinds requires no drilling, which makes them ideal for rented properties, or for those who would prefer to keep interference with their window frames to a minimum. 

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What are the benefits of pleated blinds?  

Remote controlled - Have you just got comfortable and suddenly realise you haven't shut your blinds? Avoid this issue by applying an electronic operation to your pleated blinds. Not only do pleated blinds open and close quickly with a remote, you can be anywhere in your room whilst it’s in use. 

Child safe - Following the 2014 European standard, all our pleated blinds are child-friendly, which ensures the well-being of your family and guests. We follow all guidelines for the Make It Safe campaign so all manual pleated blinds’ chains and cords stay out of reach from young children. 

No drilling - If you’re looking for a temporary shading solution pleated blinds are also ideal as we have a NO DRILLING, NO GAPS Perfect Fit system. This means that you won’t need to commit to pleated blinds if your tastes change, or you like to regularly change your home’s interior.

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