Privacy blinds that let light in


Window blinds are perfect for controlling the amount of light entering your home and have the added benefit of providing you with privacy whenever you want it. Here at Broadview, we offer a wide range of window shading solutions that both maximise privacy whilst still allowing ample light into your home. Read on to learn about the Broadview blinds that let light in but provide privacy.

Day & Night Blinds

Our Day & Night blinds are fabricated in a way that offers complete control of light and privacy. They boast a unique design made up of two sliding layers of fabric with transparent horizontal stripes. These layers can be adjusted to give you complete privacy, whilst allowing sunshine to filter through to illuminate the interior of your home.

Venetian blinds

With a tilter cord mechanism, Venetian blinds offer an easy glide lower and raise system, meaning they can allow copious amounts of natural light in, whilst also providing optimal privacy when tilted at the right angle. They can be fully extended, retracted and angled to handle and prevent glare, as well as being completely raised for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Vertical blinds

The louvres in our vertical blinds are positioned so that they will admit light and airflow, and also provide protection from direct sunlight whilst offering privacy from passers-by. Used over large windows and French doors, they can be fully retracted and extended depending on your preferred levels of light and privacy.

Plantation Shutters

As one of the oldest styles of window coverings, plantation shutters have been a staple of traditional homes for centuries, and this is down to their exceptional light control. For absolute privacy, they can be shut completely, or you can let in varying amounts of light depending on how much you tilt the louvres.

Broadview’s Privacy Blinds for Windows

Are you looking for blinds for privacy but let light in? We are a leading supplier of premium-quality blinds that will suit both your budget and style. Our customers choose Broadview time and time again because we offer a range of high quality materials and colours to suit all styles along with an installation service that is second to none. To further discuss your requirements, contact us via our website or on 01202 679012.

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