How Do Smart Blinds Work?

smart blinds

How Do Smart Blinds Work?

The mechanics of smart blinds

As with electric blinds, smart blinds have a motor stored out of sight in the roller or headrail, which is connected to a power source.

They become part of your smart home, allowing you to control them wirelessly from a remote control or your smart device. The motor operates to open, close, or change the angle of the blinds when you issue a command or establish a programme.

Controlling your smart blinds

There are a number of ways to control your automated window blinds, bringing you complete control right from your seat.

Smart speaker

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to shut your blinds for a cosy night in.

Smartphone app

Simply download an app and operate your blinds from one central place on your smartphone.

Remote control

Open your electric blinds with a click of a button on a remote control.


Stop thinking about having to open and close your blinds and integrate them with your home automation system. Set up specific criteria for your automated window blinds and make them part of your morning and evening home automation routine, whether triggered by temperature, time or other prompts.

Benefits of smart blinds

Not only do smart blinds make your life easier, but they can also be energy-efficient and cost-effective.

Say goodbye to losing heat through your windows, or your rooms becoming saunas in the sunshine. Automated window blinds can be set to close once the room hits certain temperatures throughout the year. Plus, a wide range of fabrics facilitate additional room insulation for the perfect temperature, saving you money.

Types of smart blinds for your home

Smart blinds are available in several styles, so you don’t need to compromise on design for function.

Electric roller blinds

Switch your regular roller blinds to smart blinds for ease and efficiency.

Electric Roman blinds

Add a little detail to your blinds with electric Roman blinds, and protect your stylish furniture from the sun.

Electric Venetian blinds

Electric horizontal Venetian blinds are great for filtering natural light into your room, offering a flexible and effortless solution.

Electric cellular blinds

These pleated blinds are available in many materials, providing choice while keeping sunlight at bay.

Security and Privacy

By being able to control your smart blind using your phone, you can leave the house and control their movements anywhere, making your home look busy to prevent break-ins. Wireless controls also make automated window blinds a child and pet-friendly option.

Privacy is just a click of a button away, so you can avoid nosy neighbours and enjoy your family time in peace.

Installation and maintenance

Installing and connecting your smart blinds can be a quick and simple process. In most cases, it won’t involve rewiring or interfering with your décor.

To make your life easier, Broadview offers free installation as part of our service, so it is one less thing for you to think about.

Of course, you will want to keep them looking new and working properly. To maintain your blinds, ensure you clean them using the best method for your style of blind.

The future of smart blinds

As technology develops, there is no doubt that smart blinds will too.

Voice activation is becoming increasingly popular in homes, so it is only a matter of time before motorised blinds will be controlled using our voices.

For now though, at Broadview, we are focused on providing bespoke, high-quality smart blinds that suit your home and needs perfectly.

Thinking about upgrading your blinds? Schedule a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your requirements and a personalised solution. Contact us today via our online form or give us a call on 01202 679012.