Do Blackout Blinds Keep The Heat Out?

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Do blackout blinds keep the heat out? That’s the question people have been inevitably asking over the last few days as temperatures soar to 30 degrees.

The short answer is yes - blackout blinds block sunlight, making them one of the best ways to keep a room cool.

Keep your blinds closed all day and you’ll find there’s a noticeable difference in room temperature – and the more sunlight your blinds block out, the cooler the room will be.

Blackout blinds that have a lighter exterior will be even better at keeping the heat out; this is because they reflect the light, rather than absorb it. 

Which type of blind is coolest?

While blackout blinds are a great option for keeping the heat out, if you’re looking for the best blinds for ventilation and heat blocking, you may want to look at Venetian blinds.

When closed, Venetian blinds offer sunlight blocking properties while allowing a breeze to flow around the room from the open window.

Blackout blinds on the other hand, are solid structures, leaving less room for a breeze to flow through – particularly fixed blackout blinds that sit flush against the window panel itself.

Fit your home with the perfect heat reducing blinds

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