How To Clean Venetian Blinds

Vacuum, cloth or cleaning products? What is the best way to clean your Venetian blinds? Read on for our expert advice on how best to clean both metal and wooden Venetians.

Venetian blinds are incredibly versatile and suit almost any home, both traditional and modern alike. However, they are also prone to gathering dust and if placed in a kitchen can become stained or spattered with grease and food. It is therefore important that you know how to best maintain and clean your Venetian blinds, so they continue to look great for years to come.

Take note of what material your Venetian blinds are made of and clean accordingly

What material your Venetian blinds are made from will determine how you approach cleaning them. For example, wooden Venetian blinds are particularly sensitive to moisture, so should only be cleaned using dry methods except in special circumstances. If you have metal or plastic Venetian blinds on the other hand, you are free to be a little less conservative with your cleaning approach.

How to clean real wooden Venetian blinds

Real wood is very sensitive to moisture, so even mild cleaning detergents should be avoided altogether when cleaning your wooden Venetian blinds. Instead, you can use a duster or vacuum to remove dust from the slats; simply switch your wooden Venetian blinds to the closed position and wipe in a downwards motion with a cloth or duster. Once you finish dusting that side, simply reverse the slats and repeat.

If you decide to use a vacuum to clean your wooden Venetian blinds, make sure that you use a low suction power setting and soft brush attachment to avoid causing damage to the wood. If you need to clean a tough stain, rubbing the slats with a damp cloth is acceptable as long as you do not apply too much pressure and dry thoroughly when finished.

How to clean metal and plastic Venetian blinds

Aluminium, PVC and plastic Venetian blinds are much more resistant to moisture than wooden Venetians and can therefore be cleaned using a mild detergent if you need to get rid of any stains. 

You can even take your Venetian blinds off the wall and clean them in the bath – just make sure that you don’t submerge the headrail, as it may cause damage or rusting. You can also use the same dusting method suggested above for your metal and plastic Venetian blinds.

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