Energy Saving & Performance Blinds Dorset by Broadview

Graph - Potential home energy savings using Louvolite fabrics

Many of our fabrics have special high-tech coatings on the side facing outwards, They serve a dual purpose of reflecting sunlight and heat outwards and keeps heat inside the conservatory in those cold winter months. Our consultation team will tell you all about the different translucent, SPF, SPC and ESP fabrics:

  • SPC Fabric – Solar Pearlised Finish
  • SPC Fabric – Solar Protective Coating
  • ESP Fabric – Energy & Solar Protection

Installing roof blinds is by far the best way to control the heat in a conservatory. Side and window blinds have a small effect on solar gain and are typically employed for decorative reasons and to give privacy when needed. They also give the conservatory a more cosy and homely look and feel.

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