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Conservatory Blinds

Motorised Conservatory Blinds

Broadview is a specialist in the automation/motorisation of blinds, and is able to offer advice and quotes, for the provision installation and maintenance of motorised blinds.

At Broadview, we can offer high-tech sophisticated, affordable and discreet motorised control options across the full range of blind and shutter types.

Standard Motorised Option

Pleated blinds for roof and window blinds can be motorized using low-voltage motors. The motors and receivers are hidden inside handrails, and all blinds are powered via 240v transformers connected via a plug-top.

The following types of blinds can be motorized for your conservatory or orangery:

Somfy motors can be controlled by any of the wide range of Somfy RTS handheld and wall-mounted transmitters.

All motorized blinds are powered by 24volt motors and 12-watt power consumption. All electrical components are Somfy RTS System.


150mm x 150mm x 50 mm

Up to 4 blinds can be operated by a single transformer

Telis 4 Handset

Up to 5 channels available

Telis 1 available with single channel


Telis 4 Handset

Wall switch (1 channel)

Wall switch (1 channel)

Customised Motorisation Option

Our clients no longer just want us to simply supply a standard motorised blind or shutter with a hardwired wall switch or simple 4 channel remote control. The next generation of smart homes and offices we now supply insist on blinds being integrated into the communication network of the building, integrating with intelligent control systems, such as Lutron, Crestron and Raco control pads.

Blinds are now linked to thermostats, alarm systems, light sensors and AV equipment, for example in a home cinema room, simply setting a DVD to play will turn on your cinema screen, dim your lighting, close your blackout blinds and even set your sound system to the right mode.

One of the key issues if you have multiple blinds linked together is perfect alignment when opening and shutting. To achieve this needs software programming to ensure that all blinds travel at the same speed so they always align to within 3mm wherever they are stopped. To achieve this accuracy and precision Broadview use a range of encoded motors with MOCO transformers which can be programmed via software to give the complete and precise control.

You can even decide to open or close your blinds when you are away via your smartphone or over the internet for that added security when there is no one at home.

Whatever your requirements for Automation we are here to advise and help from homes to offices. We design and install conservatory blinds in Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset and across Hampshire and Wiltshire.

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