Will my blinds fade in the sun

Whilst it’s unlikely that your blinds will fade due to sun exposure, there is a risk that they may turn yellow over time – particularly if they are white.

Blinds not only look great but can also serve a broad range of practical uses such as maintaining your privacy and keeping out sunlight. However, taking the full force of the sun’s rays can leave its mark over time and cause certain types of blinds to turn yellow, no matter how much you’ve kept on top of maintenance.

Why do blinds turn yellow?

Blinds made from plastics, particularly PVC, are made up of composite materials comprising of a wide range of chemical components. All these different chemical components can react differently to UV exposure, and when exposed for a long period of time they can start to break down, resulting in a yellowish appearance.

This is most often a problem with cheaper blinds made from poor quality materials and without proper UV resistance. Our premium quality blinds are manufactured to be UV resistant, making them much more resilient and long-lasting in the face of sun exposure.

What can I do if my blinds turn yellow?

Unfortunately, once your blinds have been damaged by the sun, no amount of cleaning will remove yellow staining. Your only alternatives are to use a suitable UV resistant paint matching the original colour of your blinds, or invest in a completely new set of blinds that are better equipped to handle direct sun exposure. Our team of indoor shading experts can help you find the perfect, high quality blinds to suit your home!

We are leading suppliers of UV resistant window blinds in the South, and have a broad range of wooden, Venetian, roller and vertical blinds available for you to choose from. For any further enquiries regarding our blinds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01202 679012.




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