What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters have been around for hundreds of years and their modern counterparts remain popular in homes today – but what are they?

Where did plantation shutters come from?

A unique style of shutter, plantation shutters originated in the South of America, as the name suggests, they were first commonly used in estates located on plantations. As the climate of these plantations was usually sub-tropical, summers could be extremely hot and humid, which meant that using traditional curtains was simply too stifling and didn’t allow any air to circulate throughout the property.

Cue the invention of wooden plantation shutters to provide an effective alternative, using rotatable slats to provide plenty of light but also improve ventilation. Plantation shutters are often traditionally white even to this day because white reflects heat, keeping the interior of the property cooler.

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are still one of our most popular indoor shading solutions, and are used in a wide range of locations, like bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. Their flexible nature means that you have total control over privacy, light and ventilation, as they can be fully opened or even half opened if you choose a tier on tier option.

There are also a range of sub-types which fall under the category of plantation shutter, which gives you a wide variety of choice. For example, we offer Georgia-Basswood, Boston-Basswood, Phoenix, Vancouver and Seattle plantation shutters.

Our plantation shutters can be tailored to fit even unusual window shapes and are available in a range of colours other than the traditional white, so you can match the interior of your property to perfection. Contact us today on 01202 679 012 to find out more about our range of plantation shutters.





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