Which window shutters would suit my home best?

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Windows shutters can add a touch of elegance and class to any home, due to their traditional and Parisian history and craftsmanship. Broadview Luxury Shading Solutions are one of the leading window shading suppliers in Dorset and the South, and we’re passionate about transforming our client’s properties into their dream homes. If you’re looking to refurbish your home with unique and distinctive shading our high-quality window shutters are perfect to suit your exact style and requirements. 

Our shutter collection includes boston-basswood plantation, georgia-basswood plantation, hollywood plantation, phoenix plantation, vancouver plantation, and seattle plantation that all bring their individual benefits to an environment. When you have chosen which window shutter type best suits your home, the next step is deciding which style would be best for you and your family. 

The Broadview experts have discussed the benefits of each shutter style of cafe style, full height style, tier on tier style and tracked to give you an informed decision to achieve your dream home interior. If you would like more information about our window shutter collection, or the different customisations of styles and colours contact our team on 01202 679012 for an unbeatable service. 

Window shutter styles 

Cafe style

Cafe style window shutters are ideal for homeowners that would prefer more privacy in their home but don’t want to cover the entirety of their window. By covering half of the window, cafe style shutters can be rotated to control the amount of light in the room, and when fully open allow maximum light in as they do not block any space in the window frame. Perfect for ground floor rooms or homes on busy streets, cafe style shutters provide the utmost privacy in your home while being very stylish. 

Full height style

The most popular window style, our full height style brings sophistication and ease for any family and home. The shutter fits the entire window, and its durability means it’s practical as well as contemporary. You can easily block or allow light into the room, while the shutter panels give you privacy. Its timeless design means the new addition will grow with your home, and never go out of fashion. 

Tier on tier style

A similar style to the full height style, tier on tier window shutters cover the entirety of a window but differ in that there are bottom and top sections of panels that separate in the middle of the window height. This allows total flexibility and control for natural light and privacy in your home, as each panel section moves separately so you could have the top panels open while the bottom fully closed. This shutter type creates a focal point in any room, whether for a bedroom, lounge or kitchen environment, a tier on tier styled shutter is recommended for any chic home. 

Tracked style

Tracked window shutters are recommended for patio doors, large windows and doors as they beautifully dress any room with a traditional and luxurious atmosphere. If you’re looking for modern shutters that can attach to a window, or cost-effective room partitions look no further, tracked shutters are perfect for your home. 

For high-quality window shutter shading solutions contact our team today on 01202 679012. 

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