Top Tips When Choosing Blinds for your Family Home


When choosing blinds for your family home, there are a wide number of factors to take into consideration – from practicality and functionality, to aesthetics and house style, to health and safety.

At Broadview Blinds, we have a truly comprehensive range of blinds – meaning we have no doubt that you’ll be able to pick your perfect family home blind set up from our selection. After you’ve read our top tips, why not browse our range of products elsewhere on our website, or give our team a call to discuss your requirements.

Kid’s Blackout Blinds

Want to do everything in your power to ensure that your children are getting enough sleep? You’re not the only one, and at Broadview we’re happy to help with our range of blackout blinds.

During months of the year with longer daylight hours, employing blackout blinds in your children’s bedrooms is the best light-reducing solution and could gift them extra hours’ sleep in both the evening and the morning, helping you to catch up on extra sleep too.

At Broadview we offer a comprehensive range of blackout blinds, designed to fit seamlessly into any room or configuration. If you send us a picture, you can even customise your blackout blinds with a custom image, ideal for making your children’s blinds personalised and colourful.

Blinds for Bathrooms

For bathrooms, we recommend looking at Vinyl and PVC blinds – the blinds in this room are going to be affected by a large number of environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature, and therefore need to be somewhat resistant to these factors.

Natural materials such as wood suffer with contraction and expansion with temperature, and absorb water – meaning their shelf life is reduced by warping and dampness. Vinyl and PVC are naturally resistant to inflictions such as mould and damp, and are therefore far more appropriate.

Insulating Blinds

When it comes to insulating with blinds, it’s a case of regulating the amount of heat that passes through your windows, whether it is escaping or entering your home.

There are particular spots that are susceptible to high temperature gradients, including large amounts of glass – such as a conservatory or skylight.

For targeting the temperature gradient in these high-glass areas during both summer and winter, we recommend the use of Roman blinds.

Roman blinds are extremely popular with homeowners due to the extensive customisation options, meaning they come in essentially all colours – but importantly they include the ability to add either one-pass (light filtering), two-pass (dimming) or three-pass (block-out) filtering.

The filtering you choose will have a big impact on the insulating properties of your blind. However, the fitting of the blind will have an even greater one – the placement against the window and how well it fits the framing will determine how much true coverage your blind achieves.

Using Roman blinds, you can more effectively regulate the temperature in high activity areas of your home, such as conservatories and living rooms.

Choose your family home’s blinds with Broadview

At Broadview, we know better than most that blinds are far from just as aesthetic afterthought. When implemented correctly, they can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life, from sleeping, to relaxing, to bathing and more.

You can check out our full range of products by checking out the rest of our website, or you can get in contact with a member of our friendly team today, to discuss your unique requirements. Give Broadview a call on 01202 679012.

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