The best benefits of window shutters

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Elegant, versatile and practical. These are just three reasons why shutters are such a popular window covering. But did you know they provide a whole host of other benefits too? Read on to discover even more. 

Window shutters are super stylish 

One of the main reasons why shutters are such a popular window covering is because they are such an attractive solution for both the inside and outside of your home. The simply beautiful and elegant design enhances any interior room and, as they can be seen from the outside through your windows, they boost the curb appeal of your property too. 

Shutters provide the ultimate shading control

Shutters with louvered slats can be angled to control exactly how much light is allowed into the room. Open the panels fully and your room will be bathed in beautiful natural light. When you want a darker atmosphere, simply close the slats to shut out the sun. When you’d like to keep the brightness but need more privacy, simply tilt the slats up at an angle to let the light in but keep prying eyes out. 

Improved sound insulation

Window shutters provide a solid barrier between the outside and the inside which helps to effectively reduce the amount of noise able to penetrate through your window and into your home. This is particularly handy when you’re trying to sleep in and don’t want to be awoken by the dawn chorus! 

Reduce your energy usage 

Shutters also offer good thermal efficiency by trapping heat and stopping it escaping through the windows. As the hot air stays exactly where it’s meant to, your boiler won’t have to work so hard to keep your home lovely and warm, reducing the strain on your heating system, energy use and utility bills. Shutters can also help keep your home cool in the summer by blocking out the sun’s strong rays and letting a breeze blow through from an open window. 

Add privacy to your home

Unlike curtains or blinds, which need to be completely shut to offer you complete privacy, and therefore block out light, shutters can shield you from the view of passersby without compromising on light. Their unique construction features rotating slats that can be rotated up or down to give you complete control of both your shade and your privacy. 

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