The advantages of blackout blinds

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With summer finally here, we are enjoying warmer weather and longer days. Wtih higher temperatures and increased hours of daylight, this can also bring reduced and restless sleep. 

The solution: blackout blinds

Traditional blackout roller blinds are a great solution for overcoming the challenges of a good night’s sleep as they can provide up to 100% total darkness, even in the middle of the day. Available in a range of colours and styles, they work by combining a standard roller blind with special blackout material that’s then fitted to your window using a unique rail system designed to seamlessly integrate into any room. 

Sensitive sleepers

If you work shifts and need to sleep at all hours of the day or are easily disturbed by the morning sunrise, you can benefit from blackout blinds as not only will they block any unwanted light but will also help reduce unwanted noise from outside, thus creating the ideal sleeping conditions to allow you to get the rest you need.  

Temperature control 

As well as providing total darkness and a reduction in noise pollution, blackout blinds also help control the temperature of the room. By preventing direct sunlight from streaming in through the glass of the window, your room stays cool in the summer while the added insultation keeps your room nice and toasty (and can save you money on your energy bills) during the winter. 

It’s not all blinds

If blinds aren’t for you, you can still take advantage of all the benefits blackout technology has to offer. Here at Broadview you have the option of adding special blackout linings to your curtains

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