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Keeping your home warm this winter


From thermal curtains to freeing your radiators, we run through a few ways you can keep your home warm this winter without having to turn up the thermostat!

Cover your windows with thermal curtains

Your windows are among the worst offenders for letting heat escape out of your home. Block off those offending leaks by hanging curtains with specialist thermal lining. 

Not only do these special curtains effectively stop the warm air escaping through your windows but thanks to their thick, luxurious material, they look sumptuously stylish too.

Remember, made to measure thermal curtains ensure the perfect fit and will make the most from the thermal efficiency.

Let the light in!

On sunny days, throw open those thermally lined winter curtains to let the sun’s rays flood into your home. The sunshine will help to warm up the house even on the chilliest days without you having to turn on the heating. 

Letting sunshine into your home has another fantastic benefit. Studies show that natural light is good for our physical and mental health as it helps us produce vitamin D, improves sleep pattens and overall mood. 

Block up those drafts 

No, those chilly drafts in your living room aren’t a resident ghost; they’re the cold air from your hallway making its way into your warm room under the door! There is a very simple way to stop these ghostly gusts however – place a draft excluder at the bottom of the door. 

These clever devices come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns and they’re super easy to make yourself as all you need is a pair of old tights and scrap material (and it makes for a fun lockdown activity). 

Free your radiator

Do you have a sofa or other large item of furniture pushed up against a radiator? If so, move it! The sofa will be stealing much of the heat your radiator is working hard to emit which means it isn’t warming your home effectively.
Freeing the radiator from the sofa or other furniture, however, will allow the hot air to circulate the room properly and so help make it wonderfully warm. 

Wrap up warm

It may seem obvious, but we’ve all done it; gone to turn the thermostat up by a few degrees because we’re cold even though we’re only wearing a t-shirt! So, before you reach for that dial, try putting on an extra layer or swapping your old socks for cosy thermal ones or your favourite fluffy slippers instead. 

After all, who doesn’t love snuggling into their dressing gown?

Where to buy thermal curtains

If you’re looking for quality thermal curtains for your home this winter, get in touch with our friendly team at Broadview today on 01202 679012. We have over 50 years’ experience helping homes across the South find their perfect, made to measure curtains from our huge selection of fabrics!