Easy ways to improve a room for Christmas

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Our experts give their top tips on how blinds and curtains can rejuvenate your home

There are so many simple ways to improve your home with just a new blind or pair of curtains. Christmas is a time of reflecting on the year just gone whilst looking forward, so it makes sense to make just a couple of subtle home improvements, especially if you have guests or family coming to visit. Read on for our recommendations on blinds and curtains that can transform your home.

Kitchen and dining room

For many, most of Christmas happens in the kitchen or dining room. Have you considered brightening up your surroundings during Christmas dinner with a fresh new blind, though? Going for a roller blind in a light colour can revitalise the colour already in the kitchen, while giving a clean finish to your windows.

Living room

Luxury curtains can add a touch of glamour to any room and with your living room truly sparkling at Christmas, this could be the perfect time to upgrade your old curtains. Whether you pick something lush and colourful or just go for neutral, luxury curtains can be a great addition to your front room and can complement your festive decorations.


If you have guests round this Christmas, getting a new blind for your hallway or porch can make a great first impression. Going for something fresh and colourful can really illuminate the house, and picking a blind that complements your Christmas decorations could be the perfect way to shake up your home.


Conservatories are fantastic for letting in lots of natural light but putting up a colourful new blind can act as a lovely contrast to the cold, white tones of both a conservatory itself and a wintery scene outside. Going with a deep red or green colour can feel extremely festive, too.

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