How to keep your home warm this winter

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With winter  fast approaching, there’s no better time to make sure you’re prepared for the colder weather. Our window blinds specialists have compiled a few simple ideas for how to keep your home cosy and warm even in the depths of the winter months.

1)    Close curtains, blinds or shutters

It’ll come as no surprise that one of the biggest culprits for letting heat escape from your home is your windows. To help stop this waste of energy and to keep your rooms warmer for longer, simply close your curtains, blinds or shutters. We recommend doing this before it gets dark and any time you’re out of the house to keep that extra warmth in.

2)    Invest in curtains with thermal lining

While closing your curtains will help keep warm air from escaping outside, thin curtains will be less effective. So, as winter approaches, consider swapping them for thick curtains that have been lined with special insulating, thermal material. You can find a wide range of quality and effective insulated curtains and blinds at Broadview. As we make our curtains and blinds to order, you can be sure of the perfect fit, helping to improve the energy efficiency of your home even further. 

3)    Make your own draft excluder

To help stop chilly breezes wafting in under the gaps in your doors, place a draft excluder at the bottom of each door. While you can buy draft excluders in the shops, why not help reduce waste by making your own out of old clothes? Try stuffing a pair of tights with spare material and then covering in fabric taken from clothes you don’t wear anymore. Who says insulating your home can’t be fun?!

4)    Fill up a hot water bottle

For those extra cold days and nights where you just can’t seem to warm up, hot water bottles are a great way to get an extra blast of heat quickly, whether it’s a traditional bottle filled up with boiled water or a soft animal shape you warm up in the microwave. Try placing one at the bottom of your bed 10 minutes before you go to sleep to instantly warm up cold blankets. 

5)    Place a rug on hard floors

While hard flooring is ideal for staying cool in the summer, when the icy months roll around, they can quickly become very cold to walk on. A simple and effective way to combat chilly feet is to place a thick, fluffy rug over your hard floor. As rugs come in a rainbow of colours, sizes, shapes and styles, you’re guaranteed to find one to enhance the room further, no matter how it’s decorated. 

Established in 1968, Broadview has been providing homes across the South with quality curtains and blinds for over five decades. Our range of thermally lined luxury curtains and blinds are all made to measure, helping keep you warm and your energy bills down. To learn more or to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation, contact Broadview Blinds today on 01202 679 012

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