How to freshen up your home office


A home office should combine comfort with productivity. Our experts explain how to get the best out of your home office with subtle tweaks.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve converted the spare room of your home into an office or partitioned off the end of your living room; a home office should feel like a practical place that you’re comfortable working from. If yours is in need of freshening up a little, read on for our guide of how to what to consider.


The chair is arguably the most important piece of furniture in any office. Comfort is key when it comes to your home office and choosing a chair that will support your posture is vital. Try out new chairs to get a better idea for what you need; if you’re going to be sat in it all day, it’s important to have the best possible seat.


Your desk is as linked to your posture as your chair. Having a desk at the right height is crucial, but it’s also important to have enough storage space in your desk and for it to offer enough support to everything on top of it. You may wish to consider a standing desk too, as this is good for posture.


The amount of light and shade coming into your home office can affect how you work. Vertical blinds can prevent glare on your computer, whilst roman blinds can suit a warm décor for a homelier feel. Shutters also provide good shade, as they can be adjusted depending on how the light is entering the room.


Plants aren’t just good for decoration, they’re good for mood. Desk plants or bigger potted plants in the room can make you feel happier, and they look great. There are plenty of plants that you can invest in that won’t need too much sunlight or watering too, so if you’re worried about maintenance, you’ll be bound to find something to suit your life.

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