How to dress bay windows - blinds & curtain advice

Categories: Interior Inspiration

With the right curtains or blinds, bay windows can be a stunning feature in your home. We share our tips for dressing bay windows for maximum impact.

While the amount of natural light let in is a huge benefit, there are of course downsides to bay windows. There will be times they let in too much light, and you could find that privacy is an issue as well. Here are some important things to consider when dressing your bay window.

Comfort and privacy

Pleated or roller blinds in a light or sheer material can be a good choice for bay windows, as they offer privacy while allowing sunlight to gently filter into your room. Pleated blinds can reduce glare, meaning you can still enjoy your room on sunny days. 

All our blinds come in a large selection of fabrics and designs, making them a stylish option to suit all tastes. Blinds, if designed using the right fabric, can let sunlight filter softly into your room, while offering privacy and creating a calming ambience.

Visual appeal

Shutters are a very attractive option for bay windows. Their striking design will suit both traditional and contemporary homes, and help you turn your bay windows into a real feature.  

Their rotating slats give you complete control over shade and privacy, making them ideal for bay windows. You’ll be able to shield yourself from the view of passers-by, without compromising on light. 

Staying warm

As bay windows use more glass than a standard window, a common concern is heat escaping. 

Curtains can help your room retain warmth, for a cosy and luxurious feel. You could even consider choosing curtains with a thermal lining or doubling up with sophisticated Roman blinds

If you want to create a bold, dramatic look for your bay windows, curtains could be a great choice.  

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