Choosing the right shading for your home in 5 steps

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Sometimes it can seem there is almost too much choice in style when you’re giving your home a makeover. The Broadview experts have put together an easy quiz to help you determine the best shading solution for your home. If you're still unsure about which blind, window shutter or luxury curtain option to choose from look no further.  If you need more expert advice or information about any of our products contact our team on 01202 679012 today. 


1) Which room are you looking to transform?

a) Bedroom

b) Living room 

c) Bathroom

2) Do you prefer a manual or electronic shading solution? 

a) Manual

b) Electronic 

c) I don’t mind 

3) How important is a variety of different styles?

a)  Not that important, but I still want to find a shading solution that suits my room. 

b) It’s ideal to have a certain amount of variety - I don’t want to be overwhelmed but I like having options. 

c) Very important - I want lots of different choices in colours, styles and materials. 

4) Do you want to completely block out the outside light in your room?

a) I want a shading solution that looks good and offers privacy when I need it - blocking all light isn't a priority for me. 

b) I wouldn’t mind a little light coming through - as long as it wouldn’t disturb me. 

c) Yes, I want to block out all exterior light so the room is very dark. 

5) How large are your windows?

a)  Quite large - I need a shading solution that will cover the whole window. 

b) Normal size - I need a simple and easy to use shading that blocks sunlight and offers privacy. 

c) Slightly smaller than normal - I just need something that can part cover my window to offer privacy from passers-by. 


Mostly A’s = 

If you answered mostly A’s then luxury curtains are ideal for you, they suit the styling needs and requirements you have for your home. 

Mostly B’s=

If you answered mostly B’s then window shutters could be the ultimate shading choice for you. Find out more by talking to our shading experts

Mostly C’s=

If you answered mostly C’s then blinds are the most practical and versatile option in your home makeover. They're easy to use as well as hygienic for kitchen and bathroom environments.  

For high-quality blinds, curtains and window shutters contact the Broadview team today on 01202 679012.

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