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From café to full height, the shutter specialists at Broadview offer a wide selection of styles. We tailor shutters to you, whether you’re looking for a modern or more classic design.

Plantation shutters are well-suited to a range of window styles, and with our range of options, you can rest assured that our shutter experts can help you find the right shutters for your home. Read on to find out more about our available shutter styles.

Café style

The café style shutter is an iconic option that combines style with fantastic privacy. Café style shutters look great with soft fabric curtains, though often at Broadview, café style shutter customers upgrade to tier on tier shutters. Classic white shutters look amazing in modern, minimal rooms, whilst natural wood looks better in more traditional interiors.

Full Height style

Full height shutters provide a classic look to your window. They suit all types of window and even doors, and are good at providing insulation. This versatile shutter is a great option for most homes and will suit pretty much any room you can think of.

Tier on Tier style

Ideal for tall sash windows of over 120cm, the Tier on Tier style of shutter retains the style and elegance of a full height shutter, combining it with the versatility of the café shutter style. Offering good privacy and the ability to block out or let in light, Tier on Tier shutters are popular in all kinds of rooms too and allow you to control the light entering your home.


Reliant on a sliding mechanism, tracked shutters are easy to fit across openings as wide as 12 metres. They make excellent room partitions without completely blocking out natural light, are extremely sophisticated, and can be combined with other styles of shutter for a cohesive look.

Shaped shutters

Just because your room doesn’t have standard rectangular windows, that doesn’t mean that shutters aren't possible. At Broadview, we offer shutters in all shapes, whether you’re looking to cover a round window, a triangular window, or even an arched window with a semi-circle and rectangular shutter combination. At Broadview, we can tailor our shutters to fit your requirements exactly.

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