Best blinds for keeping heat out


As a result of climate change, the number of summer days and sticky tropical nights are increasing year on year. According to, such weather is deemed “too hot to enjoy” especially when you’re trying to sleep with outside temperatures staying above 20°C.

One solution is investing in air conditioning, but these tend to be very energy-inefficient and considerably expensive. Instead, we recommend installing bespoke blinds that are designed to keep the heat out of your property.

With over fifty years’ experience supplying blinding and shading solutions for a variety of luxury properties across the south of the UK, Broadview are well equipped to explain to you the best blinds for blocking heat out. Read on to learn how we can design and install the right bespoke blinds to keep the heat out of your property.

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The best types of blinds for keeping heat out

Blackout blinds

If you’ve read our Do blackout blinds keep the heat out? blog then you’ll know that blackout blinds block sunlight from entering, making them one of the best blind types to keep a room cool.

We offer traditional blackout blinds, which when left closed all day will provide a noticeable difference in room temperature – the longer you leave your blackout blinds closed, the cooler your room will be.

Roller blinds

On top of blackout blinds, our range of roller blinds are available in solar protective coated fabrics to effectively reflect sunlight.

Our roller blinds can also be adjusted at the touch of a button through a remote control or mobile app, allowing you to moderate the heat level from the comfort of your sofa.

Venetian blinds

Whilst blackout and roller blinds are great for keeping the heat out, we recommend our venetian blinds as a strong alternative, thanks in large part to its ventilation features.

With their rotating louvred slats, venetian blinds block out sunlight while allowing a breeze to aerate into your room.

Vertical blinds

Similar to venetian blinds, our vertical blinds can be finished in a light colour to provide protection from direct sunlight. These blinds also offer ventilation as well as privacy benefits through the well-positioned louvres.

Perfect Fit™ and Intu™ blinds

Available in venetian, roller and pleated styles, Broadview’s Perfect Fit™ and Eclipse’s Intu™ blinds are some of the most innovative and flexible blinds systems on the market. Requiring no drilling or screws, these blinds come in a range of fabrics, including solar protective materials to reflect sunlight away from your room.

Duette® blinds

If you’re looking for blinds that both block the heat out in the summer whilst trapping it in the winter, then look no further than our Duette® blinds. A perfect all-year round shading solution, these blinds can help you save up to 25% on your energy bills during the winter, plus also have the features to regulate your room temperature whatever the weather.

Broadview are specialists designing and installing heat reducing blinds

Are you looking for blinds that prevent the heat from coming in? Broadview are a leading supplier of premium-quality blinds that will suit both your budget and style. Our clients choose us because our high-quality materials and colours can cater for a variety of interior design ideas, along with an installation service that is unrivalled in the area.

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