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5 Excellent reasons you need smart blinds

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Automated blinds that open and close at the touch of a button may seem like the height of luxury living, but they serve as so much more than a convenience. Here are 5 reasons why your home can’t do without our fully automated smart blinds. 

1)    Extra security for your home

One of the main reasons so many of our customers choose to add automation to their blinds is for the extra layer of security they add to their home. This is because our smart blinds can be linked to a smart device, or set on a timer, so you can open and close them even when you’re not at home, therefore giving the illusion that your property is occupied (even if you’re sunning yourself on a far-away beach!). 

2)    No more struggling to reach far away windows 

Many homes have those difficult to reach spots, whether at the top of the stairs or in rooms with high ceilings, which can make reaching th blinds a daily challenge. When you install our smart blinds however, this struggle becomes a thing of the past as you'll be able to open and close the blinds at the touch of a button, giving you back complete control. It’s also a great option for those with limited mobility. 

3)    Easy to use and silent motor

Having complete control over the light and shade of your home has never been easier as all of our smart blinds are very simple to use and control. They can be linked to a range of different devices, including your mobile, tablet, remote control or smart speaker, depending on how you want to control them. What’s more, the discreet motors that power the blinds are completely silent so you can be sure your morning lie in won’t be disturbed by noisy whirring as your blinds slowly reveal the sunshine beyond the window. Check out some of our videos here to see how smoothly they open. 

4)    Our electric blinds are child friendly 

Our electric blinds don’t need any hanging cords, chains or wires which makes them completely safe for children and pets to be around without supervision – and it means they won’t be tempted to play with the blinds. Our smart blinds can come in a wide range of fun patterns that your kids will love so are perfect for fitting in your child’s bedroom. 

5)    Link your blinds to your smart speaker

If you still find using your smart speaker an amazing feat of technology, just wait until you give it the command to open or close your blinds and watching them seamlessly glide up and down (and enjoy the faces of your guests as they marvel at your futuristic home). Linking your smart blinds to your smart speaker is simple but if you’re not too tech savvy don’t worry; our friendly installation team is on hand if you need any help. 

To discover more about our smart blinds and home automation, don’t hastate to get in touch with Broadview, the South’s leading made-to-measure smart blind supplier, by calling 01202 679012