How to clean wooden blinds

Whilst they look amazing in your home, wooden blinds are unfortunately prone to gathering dust and require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance. In this cleaning guide, we will walk you through how to keep your wooden blinds looking immaculate all year round.

What to avoid when cleaning wooden blinds

First, a note on what you should absolutely seek to avoid when cleaning your wooden blinds. Wooden blinds are particularly intolerant to excess moisture, which can cause them to warp out of shape. Cleaning your wooden blinds with liquid cleaners can also cause any varnish they are treated with to flake or peel, ruining their appearance - you should therefore avoid the use of liquid cleaners and water when cleaning your wooden blinds.

The exception to the rule: if you encounter a particularly stubborn stain on your wooden blinds, you can attempt to remove it by rubbing at the affected area lightly with a damp cloth. Avoid rubbing too hard, as this can cause damage to the varnish.

Use a duster to clean your wooden blinds

The quickest way to clean your wooden blinds is to angle the slats towards you and wipe in a downwards motion with a duster or dry cloth. Once you’ve done one side, simply close the blinds in the opposite direction and repeat the process.

However, if you want to dust your wooden blinds more effectively, switch your wooden blinds into the open position and clean the top and underside of each slat with your cloth or duster, starting from the centre and moving outwards.

Use a vacuum to clean your wooden blinds

You can also use a vacuum to clean wooden blinds, though using the incorrect attachment and too high a suction can cause damage to the wood. We therefore recommend that you use a soft brush attachment and a low suction setting when using a vacuum to clean your wooden blinds.

You can either vacuum each side of your wooden blinds by following the same method suggested for dusting above, or you can remove your blinds from the wall and place them on a soft surface, like a carpet or towel, for easier access and to prevent damage to the blinds.

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