Do wooden blinds warp?

Real wooden blinds are unfortunately prone to warping in humid conditions such as bathrooms and kitchens, so you should consider where you place them carefully.

Why do real wooden blinds warp?

Though real wooden blinds are perfect for bedrooms, hallways and living rooms, they aren’t recommended for areas of your home which experience high levels of condensation. Bathrooms and kitchens are high humidity areas where you should consider faux wooden blinds over the real article, as real wooden blinds, like any other wooden product, are highly sensitive to moisture damage.

When wood is exposed to high levels of moisture it expands, before contracting again as it dries out. Warping in your wooden blinds occurs when the wooden slats dry unevenly, essentially causing one side to shrink faster than the other, resulting in cracks and bending. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix warped wooden blinds, which is why keeping them away from moisture should be a top priority.

What are the benefits of real wooden blinds?

Unlike faux wooden blinds, which are made from a composite material of PVC and vinyl, real wooden blinds are most frequently made from natural oak, though sometimes other wood types are used. Using real wooden blinds comes with a range of benefits, one of which is better heat retention compared with blinds made from PVC or aluminium.

When closed, natural wooden blinds create an effective barrier that prevents heat loss through your windows. This makes them the perfect choice for the colder winter months, not to mention, they look great too! Real wooden blinds are also usually more lightweight than faux wooden blinds, which can make them easier to operate and more suitable for larger windows.

If you need professional advice on whether wooden blinds are suitable for your home, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. We’ve installed thousands of blinds over the years and will be able to suggest the best solution for you.





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